Full membership is open to the following:

          a.    The Royal Navy and its Reserves

          b.    The Royal Marines and its Reserves.

          c.     The Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service and its Reserves

          d.    The Women's Royal Naval Service and its Reserves.   

          e.     Members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

          f.      Royal Naval Auxilliary Service

Associate Membership

   Associate Membership is for families, friends and anyone who supports our Naval Service.

Cost of Membership

   Membership costs £20 a year, which includes a £6 Branch subscription. Paid up members of the Royal Naval Association are able to use or visit any of our 300+ branches across the world. As a member of the RNA, you’ll have access to social and welfare advice, involvement in our many social or fundraising events, or you can simply just come along for a drink and a "swing at the lamp". If you’d like a taster of what we’re about, contact the Branch Secretary who will be delighted to host you as a guest at one of our branch meetings.

Branch Committee 2019/2020

Branch President

Shipmate James Martin

Branch Chairman

Shipmate Geoff Williams

Branch Vice Chairman

Shipmate Ian Irvin

Honorary Secretary

Shipmate Bob Cumming

Honorary Treasurer

Shipmate Karl Cleghorn

Social Secretary

Shipmate Karl Cleghorn

Assistant Social Secretary

Shipmate Stephen Elliot

Branch Delegate

Shipmate Stephen Elliot

Standard Bearer

Shipmate Bob Cumming

Assistant Standard Bearer

Shipmate Ian Irvin

Branch Public Relations

Shipmate Bob Cumming

Branch Fundraiser

Shipmate Bill Cameron


        The Branch holds its meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 1930.  These meetings are now held in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Club (RN & RM Club), 1 Broughton Road,  Edinburgh EH7  4EW.

Tel: 0131 556 2973

- New members welcome -

Further Details

For details of membership or to request an application form please contact Shipmate Bob Cumming (Honorary Secretary) on:

Tel: 0131 669 2294 

Mob: 07799 890085 (Primary contact number).